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    Earliest day of departure: Before choosing an island, please check the possible combinations on the map (markers).
    Duration of stay: to Days
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    Island selection: Help  Rhodes
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    * INCLUDED service in short-term timetable changes
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    Tips for hotel selection
  • Airports of arrival: Kos, Rhodes & Karpathos
  • Start to choose your hotels from one of these islands (Karpathos only combinable with Rhodes).
  • By combinations 'Island hopping & sailing', always start with sailing.
  • The possible combinations will then be given.
  • Please indicate how many nights you would like to stay on each island.
  • Sailing is only possible for 7 or 14 nights.
  • Please indicate whether you need tips for hiking, excursions, events or other activities.
  • By clicking on the names of the hotels, you get extensive information and pictures.
  • Behind the hotel name you can find the recommendation rate (RE)
  • If a hotel offers a choice of board type, you can choose.
  • If a hotel offers rooms with sea view, you can also choose.
  • If you would like to have a certain room category according to the hotel description, please specify it in NOTES
  • Tips for island selection
  • Airports of arrival/departure: Kos, Rhodes & Karpathos (only combinable with Rhodes)
  • 'Open jaw flights' are possible, e.g. outbound flight to Kos and return flight from Rhodes (or vice versa).
  • From many years of experience, I recommend only two islands per week.
  • Find out more about island combinations by clicking on the red markers on the map.
  • I will prepare the sequence of your island combination dependent on flight and/or ferries schedule and availability of the chosen hotels.
  • By combinations 'Island hopping & sailing', please always begin with sailing.
  • By clicking on the name of the island, you will receive extensive information and tips about beaches, country and people.
  • Choose your islands by clicking on the small boxes next to the names.
  • Below a list of hotels of the chosen islands will appear.
  • Due to weather or connection problems a short-term change of the route might be necessary. In this case you will be informed by the agency and your reservation will be changed.