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'Personal travel voucher'
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You can recommend us to as many relatives, friends and acquaintances as you like. They will also receive a travel voucher.

Acception of the conditions of participation* is required in order to make use of the campaign 'Personal travel voucher'

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You would like to book your flexible island hopping or sailing trip with Tourmix? Get your personal travel voucher now. Recommend us to your friends and family and they will get a voucher as well.
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Only recommend us after prior consultation. The recipient must not feel annoyed by this email.

**Conditions of participation
Conditions of participation 'Personal travel voucher'

1. The travel voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers and is only valid for persons who have reached the age of 18.
2. You can only redeem one voucher per trip, even if your fellow travellers have one as well.
3. The persons you recommend us to need to be new customers and may not have booked a trip with us before.
4. You and each person you recommend us to will receive a travel voucher worth 50,- €. This voucher is only valid until 31 December 2016.
5. The total price of the trip must be at least 999,- €.
6. The travel voucher can on no account be exchanged for cash.
7. The total price of your trip will not be reduced. You will receive the 50 € as cashback once the booking process has been completed and paid for.
8. The payment will take place within 28 days after the arrival day of the booked trip. All decisions are final.

Acception of these conditions of participation is required in order to make use of the campaign 'Personal travel voucher'
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